Sunday, January 24, 2010

Had been like dacades since i last update.
Well, did i mentioned something like im together with him at tt time but w/o status.
COOL right? but but, getting tired. cus whenever or whereever we go ppll ask ur gf uh? he will say NO,MY EX GF but den continue to hug and hold my hands , hillarious right? anyway , tt was like a month ago. AND right now, he's indeed missing, totally gone. WHY? idk. for some certains weird reason i suppose.Even his frens cnt even find is he den, cn anyone tel me ? 0.o Somehow i realise i don miss him that often now,why? does it meant tt i no longer love him like b4? Maybe is a good sign den. but i realise i hv becoming a total changed person. why? is he the cause of everything,? true enough, behind every bitch does always a jerk who mk them does tt. Im being like a bitch gg ard fooling ard hurting everyone. why? im like a cactus,i will prick when guys are near.all thanks to him maybe? maybe tt's the reason why i wld be more cautious. guys are guys after all,
but thr's one thing for sure is tt though we're over but seeing u with another girl be it i dumb u or another way rounds, i still felt uncomfortable.wasnt because im jealous or envy,maybe because i knew tt i used to be tt girl... Somehow or rather, i still concern bout u . idk why... tk good care of yrself alright?

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