Friday, June 4, 2010


had been 254 days wiithout you
Sometimes i do wonder,
is it a good thing to not being in touch?

yea,i do miss u, i wanna hear frm u but i'm afraid to hear things which i doesnt like.

like i always said,
u are the only one that could pick me up when i fall,
the only one that could make me fall,
the only one that had been running tru my mind every now&then.
place&ppl reminds me of you.

days back,
i dreamt of u,
dreamt of u pass-by me,
treat me as tho a stranger twice,
it seems so real...
i woke up immd &
text ur previous number telling you abt the dream but i noe u wont be seeing it cus tt number u no longer using.

ur presence still lingers.

i miss ur silly acts,
i miss being dote by u,
i miss crapping ard with u,
i miss those times whereby we play & fool ard like a kid,
i miss making breakfast for u,
i miss eating supper with u,
i miss ur companion,
i miss ur everything...

things wld nvr be the same,
i rather hear from u by someone elses,
i hope u're happier than before,
i would nvr wanna contact you nor intrude ur life.

thanks for everything... <3

had been insomnia,
perhaps ive think too much,
i always wonder how are u ?
did u take ur meals on time?
hows ur gastric?
hows everything?

if only things were as simple as ABC.

if only my determinations is strong...
if only clock could be unwind...


i should thanks u...
thanks u for being so heartless that i would become so protective against others.

i realised,
i couldnt love,
i couldnt find back the love i used to gave u,
i couldnt retrieve it back,

the only reason that i feel happy was browsing back our past memories,


remember this tag?
i remember vividly that u were having ur duty we were chatting over th phone,
u said u hv got a surprise for me,
and the following day, u gave it to me.
though is nothing special or exp,
but is the thoughts that count (:

it states " BIBI i love u,060807"
how sweet, i miss those sweet precious times...

though u are gone, but u're always beside me.
ur verythings everythings still with me,

diamond ring,couple ring,stuffed toys,gold chain,rose,clothes,havainas,
pictures,LV sling,burbery cardholder,ur clothes,ur everything...

by now i suppose u wld realised how much u stands in my heart.
i dont hv to tell,to say, but deep down within,
i knows u meant alot to me.

misses you lots...

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