Saturday, June 5, 2010

255 days without you.
i misses u like hell...

today mark our 2 yrs 10 mths anni.
if only things werent like this,
if only everything turns out perfectly,
if only u didnt be with vietnams,
if only i wasnt a dancer,
if only i didnt toyed with others...

i realised i know why i wld change bf rapidly,
wasnt cuz im a slut,
wasnt cuz im lack of love,
want cus of any other reason,
neither did i goes to bed with them,
was that i realise , a sense of satisfaction when i hurt someone...

make them falls for me,
and dump them str8 away.

there's no motive of all this but then perhaps i hv been hurt thoroughly.
i no longer knw whats th definition of love,
define it please.

i didnt kknw u causes sucha gr8 impact to my life,
for once, i realised i'm rather dumb.

bet u cnt even bother abt me,
why should i cares so much?
why must i ?

why shld i try asking how's ur everything.

though i did said b4 it wld be better nt to stay in touch.
but whenever i'm all alone,
mind wasnt occupied with things,
i would starts to think of you.

somehow i just wanted u to get outta my life for good.
but seems like the more i want to forgt u,th harder it is.
the harder i tried, all i gt was failure.

things wasnt th same,
grant me 3 wishes,

i wish for just a day to be with u,i wldnt wanna go out, i wld want the whole 24 hrs to be home, just u and me, i promise to cook a sumptious meal for u, mk up everything that i had missed, hugged u tightly to slp . jusst for a day.i wld be contented.

i wish for u to find a stable job soon

i wish for u to stay healthy like b4 rather than drink n drink,
gastric pain and stuff.

u meant alot to me,
u're forever in my mind,
i didnt told u,
i nvr wanted to let u know,
cus i nvr wanna be ur burden.
i dont wan u to stress abt ur future,
i dont wan u to missed out gr8 opportunity cus of me.
i dont wana adds on to ur bruden,ur stress, my bad.

if time cld be back to those days,
i wldnt abort the lil ones,
even if i knw we wldnt be tgt eternity,
i wld gladly gave birth to them.

by now ,
one shld be 2 yrs plus,
another one wld coming to a yr.
if only ...

i hv nvr regretted being with u,
nvr regretted hving ur kids,
nvr ever...

i knw this love had die.
i know things wldnt be the same as usual,
i knowwwww......

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