Friday, June 11, 2010

had been meeting you everyday ever since sunday.
u hv been so uper sweet.
the reason for me to work nightlife,
ure the reason for me to quit too..

u told me to change,
be a gd girl,
be faithful,
wait 3-5 yrs.
do u think i cld?

if u're others, i wont hesistate to tell u i wont wait,
wont even bother to think either,
but diff,
cus i knw,
no matter how long it takes, i wld eventually wait.

i donno what had actually drawn us to be together,
what had cause us to b inseparatble.
what has cus us to love each other,
but i knew,
my love for u are real...

every single thing u asked was th facts,
i didnt lie.

i hope tt nth gonna obstruct us along our ways.
those bitches n jerks,
i hope they wld kindly fcuk off from us far far away.

i cld sense a huge changes in u ,
maybe ur attitude had been diff,
u're much sweeter n dote me more(:
i hope this wld just last.

noone owe anyone a living,
u dont owe me anything.


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