Tuesday, July 20, 2010

have been hving dream of you.
dreaming of you with other girls yet i hv to put on a strong front.
i woke up with a smile,tat i dreamt of u .
tho it hurts,
but still, i smile tt u're blissful.
asked why wld i dreamt of u ?
weird dream, perhaps cus i miss u too much.

I act cool, act as though i cldnt be bothered,
play hard to gt,
Act like i hv let go.....
but my heart ache,
image of u appearing everynow n then,
to be frank, u arent perfect,
yet i still choose to love u perfectly.

it hurts. but i knw is a gd thing too.
distance felt, heart aching who to tell to?
everyone knw who i love th most even w/o me telling.
everyone knw who i misses most even w/o saying a single wrd.

sometimes i wonder ,
what u're dng, where r u ? and hows everything gg on?
i knw this time round is my fault.
i still cn act till so cool by saying thanks and may god bless u toO.
HAHA, what a joke.
cus i knw,
i knw i hv and i must let go.
tho i felt stupid and rather impulsive on mking this decision but still i nvr regret.
cus i knw u wont be happy with th presence me.

no matter how far i walked,
how many ppl ive met,
how many bf i chnged,
there's noone tt i cn love like how i used to.


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