Tuesday, July 27, 2010

yesterday was really a fcuking bad day i swear. i really didnt seh. im only asking for you to be back. i cried badly. i called u time and again yet u scolded me like fucking hell. u said dunno how many fking guys hv fucked me before, im a fucking dancer, look at this LOK me. LOL. why ah , why must u hurt me with ur wrds. i was almost admitted to hospital yet u cldnt even bother. u still ask me go jummp down perhaps den u wld forgive me, i swear. if voxy didnt suddenly found me, i'll jump down to beg for ur forgivness. but think back, am i th only one at fault? am i? didnt u did anything b4? u said u beg me but u didnt put in effort b4. how abt me? u evenn said even if i hv ur named tattooed, even if on my face u cldnt even fking bother with me this mad girl . hillarous. ya, im mad, all thnx to u . i broke down, all thnx to u . i cried , u hang my phone. i almost admmitedd, u say thats my fking problem and hang up and off ur ph. ure out thr enjoying, fooling arnd. im crying tears shedding everywher i go. why ? why must it be so unfair to me. if i really die, u rly wil forgive me? what u meaant by 3 months? 3 months of me crying and u enjoying outside?

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