Sunday, August 1, 2010


4 more days to th day we r tgt 3 yrs back (: time flies.
your image seems to slowly vanish from my vision...
is a good thing though.
you said u've got a gf,ur gf is her.
well, ive got nothing to say and i shall say that's the both of your luck.
is a blessing in disguise i supposed.
i doesnt feel a thing after you told me.
instead, u motivated me to work n strive harder for my future.
not involving with any guys arnd.(:
perhaps one day when i think back, i really gonna thanks you,limjilong.
thanks you for just slammed me back to reality, had a gr8 fall.
it used to hurts me alot alot alot.the pain that noone can feel.
but now i've learnt to pick myself up.though everyone arnd me cares,they loves me dearly,
but thrs nth that they can do,all i can say is that i've to learn to pick myself up if not,noone wld be able to help me too.i've learnt to see diff FACES of ppl.DIFF SIDE. (: thanksfully i didnt really trust ANYONE. everyone helped you with a reason,and you will find that reason one day.
i know is difficult for you too but i believe you will b happy for me , dont you?
least ive learned to walk alone.independently w/o any help. only good memories are meant to be kept. agreed? dont blame urself for hitting ur loved one. cus she simply didnt put the blames on you. all she hope was to see u succeed in ur career.dont let burden , add on to ur burden. u knw what i meant(: im fine these days. i've learnt to let go. really, i believe this time round i wld move on ...your words that day tounched me,u really did. but nxt day i seen another u . and the following day, a brand new unfamiliar one that i used to knw. i knw everything u did is for a reason, the reason why u wld rather told me i oso knw even though if u kept quiet, i wld nvr found out.(: i knw why u chose to hurt me badly and put on a strong front, i knw every lil reason behind it (: i smile after knowing. thanks bi. enough of th rants, i needa go work alrdy.(:

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