Monday, August 2, 2010

3rd of Aug..

2nd day of work. i ended wrk as early as 11 plus.
cus of the new office,new company,everything is not fully furnish yet hence my boss let me home and do my stuff. feel so shiok :DD
i gonna strive hard. yes, i've to motivate myself daily. and im sure im able to succeed. u'll definitely bless me with all u could.
ehhh, you ah , better tk care of mummy mary ah :D haha,
cnt forget those time whereby i call her mummy :p.
she loves me MORE than YOU hor.
u dunno only, we used to chat on phone for hours even when i aint with you.
dont envy hor. hah

i realised things have been going pretty smoothly for me,
im lovin my current life.superb.
im so indulged with my work everyday,
type quotations and invoices.
handle calls and filing necessary.
happy not? the only job that u and many ppl hope im doing .
eh, dont be arrogrant, i did it cus is a benefit for myself.
not because of you ppl. HAHAHAHA :Xx

u tk gd care of yourself ah.
if not im so gonna post ur idiotic pic up Up UPP.
if i ever heard u misbehave. :X

i needa rest. gonna eat and wash up and off to bed EARLY.
BTW, i hvnt been drinking nor K-ellying ever since that day.
applause please :)

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