Wednesday, September 29, 2010

we're together again.
is like after 1 year being separated.

Well, during this 1 whole long year,
we really go tru all ups n down.
perhaps our affinity just not gonna end this way .
during this 1 long year,
despite us being attach with another passerby,
we still meets up and gets back tgt but separated again.
is never easy for us to just get over each others even though how "perfect" the other person is cus in our eyes , there's just the both of us.
We just hv this chemistry && bonding between us,
is never easy to separate us cus eventually, we'll sstill be tgt as one(:

baby, i know i hv did many unforgiven things,
let's just slowly builds up everything from scratch(:
pardon my unfaithfulness & nightlife.
shall forgive those naive lil/overgrown ladies.
mayb god bless u n get ur karma toO.

TO those 2 overgrown bitch who self - proclaimed as my FREN:

i've told you girls,
even though you girls are in possesion of him,
u'll nvr be able to achieve his heart UNLESS u're ME (:
he just wanna toy with your feelings and being tgt with those tt i knw or foreginers that i dislike to agitate me. didnt i told u guys before? i hv known him too well...

u're nothing in my eyes, infact u're just a lil shallow faggorrts.
u girls are nothing,not even fit to be called bitch.
bitch are slutty n pretty with gd figure BUT u girls are slightly or simply overgrown. thus, i really pity your.
i may not be perfect but LEAST im of much better looking/figure than u impropotionate girls.

DIstorted figures/ unproportionate features. (Y)

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