Monday, November 9, 2009

We ONCE promised, to hold on together.

Another day past.
Hasn't heard from you a single bits at all.
Wondering how you're now.
Recently, im like insomnia.
Cant get to slp till 9 plus 10 which i dunno why.
Thoughts are running tru my mind.
memory starts to collapse.
Things are so contradicted...
meaning = _ ____ ___

every single actions means something.
Maybe by avoiding ya telling me to get totally outta your life?
is a good things that u got over fast (:
I cant, and i dont wish to.
I seriously dunno what i want now.
All i know is to work and earn
now, even when im reali sick i still goes to work.
Last whole week, i run 8 shows. should be only 6 yet last min show i still takes up.
Total 24 hrs last week i earn close to 1k. shouldnt u be glad for me?
I guess im uttering nonsense now.

Alright, Seriously,
I dunno will u be seeing my every entry but i hope u does.
Even if u dont, this blog will still goes on and on.
Right now,
I can only hear things from you but not see with my own eyes.
You've gotten what u yearn for , i shall be glad for you , dont I?
Is a pitty tt i cant be with u on yr 21st bday. :(
I hope u enjoyed yrself.
Least i knew u once were mine.
Maybe we tends to lie to each other or keep things from each others.
I know, that wasn't what we wanted too...
But now, realising u're gone,
Is really heartache but a lesson learnt toO.

No matter what, our memories will live on,
The pain will be gone,
Our love will fade,
but you'll never gonna be forgotten.
Drifted, day by day.
This pain is getting over,
I hope it will be real soon.
Like u say,
Loving one doesnt needa hv possesion over the other party,
I strongly believe in this word now.
And by now, i believe what it meant by giving time to miss one another,
Like now,
I misses you hell lot!
The first time we hvnt seen each others for 62 days.
We hvnt hug each other for close to 2 months.
We hvnt watch movie together before sleep,
we hvnt eat together,
we hvnt wake up with each other by our side,
We hvnt play like a child ,
We hvnt had a real talk,
We hvnt hug each others to cry....
Never ever again,I know.

Guess ya working now,
dont get too exhausted.
Rest early every night and p.s. I love u & i cares

no matter what i will update this blog everyday.(:

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