Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yak chen pen

Another another another day had past.
Idk why cant i sleep again.
This time,
I'm ashamed to say, I've teared again.
IDK why.
Getting,being alil emo . ^^

Sometimes i really dunno what i wants.
I've been asking myself.
I'm attached yet i dun seems to be like im. :(
I hv been comparing and comparing ppl with the old you.
Yet i kept telling myself tt no one is perfect, so am I.

Can you wish me happiness?!
Can i hear it from the bottom of your hear and str8 from your mouth.
Let me grieve,just this once,i knw i'll be fine after that.

Seems like i'm being rather paranoid again T.T
I'll just cut all this out.
Never wan u to find me being a nuisance again. (:

how're you today? is yr gastric getting better ?
Are u on medications?
I'm gettin tired.
Idk why.

We have drifted .
I guess even when one day we'll to bump into each others,
I'll feel kinda strange too.
When r u gg overseas?
R u settling there for long?
How's yr family ?

Think tru,
From the bottom of yr heart,
You forgotten me?
You're happy ?

Friends to lust, lovers to friends
yet why cant we be friend instead of the most familiar strangers?

I guess this is the only way i can communicate with you,probably.

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